As the summer is approaching I am trying to write about Makeup and Beauty tips which well, if not help us breeze through summer, will ATLEAST make the dreadful heat (somewhat) bearable.


So the first in the series is the basics of color correction. Why you ask? Well, I for one,am someone who believes less is more especially in the summer. Just like how we wear a light layer of clothing during this period, like a cotton shirt or a mul-mulkurta, our makeup should be the same. Light layers of correctors balance out any discolourations on the face. I use them to address all the problem areas on my face and skip foundation.


It is important to note correction is not the same thing as concealing. Correction is necessary only if the concealer cannot provide the desired coverage. Concealers on the other hand are used to ligten/brighten/highlight to achieve a flawless base. Think of concealer as foundation’s sidekick!


I get so many Direct Messages on Instagram asking me about the right colour corrector to use for a particular skin concern.  I get it, it can be hard to know them all by heart. But I am going to make it super easy for you all. Just refer to the colour wheel every time you have a question.


Fist, I will go over the basic colour theory and make you understand the colour wheel. There are three primary coloursYellow, Red and Blue. We derive others colours from these colours.Secondary colours i.e. Green, Purple & Orange come from mixing 2 primary colours. Then come the Tertiary colours, which are a mix of a primary and a secondary colours. Checkout my video on basics of color correction here.


All you need to remember is that colours that are right across each other on a colour wheel neutralize each other.Hence,

  • Red will be neutralized with a green corrector;
  • Yellow will be neutralized with a Purple;
  • And Blue will be neutralized with an orange


Now to go into details, when can we use them;


Use orange and shades (pink,salmon, red) to balance out the dark circles and pigmentation on the face. Opt for darker shades for deeper skin tones


Neutralize any redness on your facewith a Green corrector especially good if you have acne


Yellow will help correctHyper pigmentation &sun spots


People with a strong yellow undertone can balance out and brighten using a Purple corrector


Blue is meant for extremely warm coloured complexion


Textures and Product recommendation


I love cream based correctors as they are highly pigmented. MAC Correctors, LA Girl correctors and Makeup Forever top my list. Whereas, impact is less for liquid/powder correctors.


For a more detailed product review watch my video on color correction here.


So, there you have it. An easy way to remember the color corrector theory. If you still feel this is too much to  grasp, just bookmark this page and refer to it next time you feel the need to color correct. Color correction is my go to base during summer, it keeps my face natural yet radiant, and keeps sweat away.